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Quick Migration works while Live Migration not.

One of the customer faced a problem with Live Migration of VM created on Hyper-V, VMs without vFC attached can Live Migrate with no issues, Machines with vFC attached can’t live migrate but it can be Quick Migrated.

The Logged Events were similar to the following:

Live migration of ‘Virtual Machine XXX-XXX-XXX’ failed.

Virtual machine migration operation for XXX-XXX-XXX’ failed at migration destination ‘XXX-XXX-XXX’. (Virtual machine ID 113F69E7-5591-492E-BD28-C7DDEF2ABB6F)

XXX-XXX-XXX’ Synthetic FibreChannel Port: Failed to finish reserving resources with Error ‘Unspecified error’ (0x80004005). (Virtual machine ID 113F69E7-5591-492E-BD28-C7DDEF2ABB6F)


‘XXX-XXX-XXX’: Live migration of the machine failed because all the LUNS on the source machine were not seen on the target for virtual HBA Fibre Channel Adapter (8F399E51-2CE5-4572-B814-A5780F0F4FF0). Expected: 6 LUNs, Found: 2 LUNs. Please review the LUN mappings for the World Wide name pair of the virtual HBA. (Virtual machine ID 113F69E7-5591-492E-BD28-C7DDEF2ABB6F)

Of course, After finding these event logs, there would be no doubt that the problem is related to SAN storage or the FC switch and it’s in not related to Hyper-V in any matter.

After engaging support from Microsoft and the SAN Storage Vendor and the Servers vendor, and update any thing to the latest update, we found that the problem cause was CD attached to the VM, that was preventing it from live migration.

Thanks Microsoft for the unclear non-related Event Logs.

and if live migration failed for you, please check mounted CD first.


One thought on “Quick Migration works while Live Migration not.

  1. good find, terrible event logging. im encountering the same issue however no CD is mounted. interesting enough a 2nd VM with same storage presented doesnt have the same issue. i can live migrate it all day long

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