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Event ID 21502 when trying to live migrate VM on Hyper-V

when trying using Failover cluster manager to live migrate a Hyper-V VM, I faced the following error:

Event ID 21502:

Live migration of ‘Virtual Machine Library’ failed.

Virtual machine migration operation for ‘SRV-XXX’ failed at migration source ‘NODE1’. (Virtual machine ID 8CC600A0-5491-45B1-896E-E99BB85AA856)

‘SRV-XXX failed to delete configuration: The request is not supported. (0x80070032). (Virtual machine ID 8CC600A0-5491-45B1-896E-E99BB85AA856)

The Reason for this issue was that only the VHD  of the VM was on the shared storage while the snapshot and VM’s configuration files were on Hyper-V local storage.

The solution is to Move all of the VM files to the shared storage.


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