Accessing USB devices in a Hyper-V virtual machine

Interested in using USB devices with your Hyper-v VMs?

Unlike VMWare ESXi which support USB redirection from v4.1, Hyper-V doesn’t support that.

So you must use your USB devices (like smart cards and storage devices) or USB Dongles that are used to license some applications. what to do?

1- You want to Share USB device that is attached to the Hyper-V host and the device announce itself to the OS in a way that it can be taken offline. (for example, USB disk drive)

The used Method is take the device offline on the Hyper-V and add it to the VM as pass-through drive.

Reference: http://blogs.technet.com/b/hollis/archive/2012/02/21/accessing-usb-drives-in-a-hyper-v-vm.aspx

2- You want to use USB device that attached to your PC while connected to the VM. (For example, smart cards)

The short answer is, you will need to use device redirection via Remote Desktop.
Reference: http://blogs.technet.com/b/canitpro/archive/2012/09/06/accessing-usb-devices-in-a-hyper-v-virtual-machine.aspx

3- You want to use USB device that attached directly to Hyper-V host and it can’t bring offline. (For example, USB Dongles)

The solution is to use USB-Over-IP solutions such as:

Software Solution: http://www.usb-over-ethernet.com/

Hardware Solution: http://www.digi.com/products/usb/anywhereusb#overview


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