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Check Exchange server health

Exchange Administrators needs to check the exchange server health, In addition to using some Monitoring tools (such as, SCOM) to Monitor Exchange health, some exchange admins prefer to manually check exchange server health using powershell cmdlets such as:


Paul Cunningham provided a powershell script to test Exchange server Health at

The Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 PowerShell script will perform a series of tests against an Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 organization and output a HTML report that you can send to your inbox.

Tests include:

  • General server health/uptime
  • Status of Exchange services
  • Transport queues and mail flow
  • Mailbox database status
  • Database Availability Group health

The report includes a summary of issues that were found, as well as a color-coded table with the detailed test results to help you quickly spot problems.

This is a useful script to run as a daily health check first thing in the morning to identify any problems that may have occurred overnight, and give you a chance to fix them before your end users notice.

Script description is available at:

Additional Scripts are available at:

PowerShell for Microsoft Exchange Server

The most amazing “Exchange 2010 Dashboard Report” Script Monitor


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