Setup the E-mail Notifications For Data Protection Manager


This time i’ll show you how i configured the DPM e-mail Notification.

This will be 2 parts series in the first one I’ll configure DPM to send immediate alerts notifications to the administrator, In the Second Part I’ll configure the scheduled reporting Functionality.

First, i created a new receive connector on the exchange for the DPM



3Then Finish,
After that double click the connector and go to Security then select Exchange Users or Anonymous Users

4Now open the DPM Console and go to Monitoring -> Subscribe
Select SMTP Server From the New window and fill in the required data

1- SMTP Server Must be the same as the one configured in the receive Connector.
2- I Used a dedicated Domain account fro DPM Reporting which is (DPM@domainname.com)
3- in the Authenticated SMTP Server you must enter the credentials for the account in the “From” address even you’ve selected anonymous Users in the receive connector.

Now you can Send Test E-mail to ensure that you configured it correctly.
Just enter your email or the user you want him to receive the notification emails.


You may face the Following Message


To solve this you will need to open Reporting Services Configuration Manager
Then go to E-mail Settings and fill the required data then press Apply

Now If you tried Send Test E-mail you Should receive an email with the following message

Receipt of this message confirms that the SMTP server settings for Data Protection Manager enable delivery of reports and notifications by e-mail. To change the SMTP settings, in the DPM Administrator Console, on the Action menu, choose Options. Then update the options on the SMTP Server tab.

Now you have successfully completed the configuration of DPM to Send Notifications


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