The Required space by DPM to protect folders is unreasonable


This time issue is that i tried to configure a protection group to protect a folder that is about 16 GB in size. but when i walk through the New Protection Group wizard it says that it requires about 920 GB size (WOW) ,

The selected Data inside the protection group

The selected data size

The Wizard

by reviewing the disk space that hosting the folder i noticed that the used space equals 601.74 GB which is the amount of data DPM wants to protect even i selected the specific folder not the whole drive

To solve that is pressed Modify in the DPM Wizard (shown above ) which opened a new window that i selected Calculate from

after calculating you will notice size change as shown in the next two figures
after1 after2

Now you can continue with the wizard.

I don’t know if Microsoft solved this in a hot fix or Cumulative update. hope this been helpful for you



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