DPM: Unable to Configure Protection on SQL 2012 Database

Today after configuring DPM 2012 R2 to protect SQL server 2012. i received the following error Unable to Configure Protection


and by reviewing the event viewer you  can find the following log: “The DPM job failed for SQL01\WSS_Content because the protection agent did not have sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server instance. (ID: 33424)”


You can solve this By:

1. Log on to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

2. Connect to the correct instance

3. expand Security. Select and expand Logins, right-click NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, and then click Properties. Click Serverroles, click sysadmin, and then click OK.


Now go to the DPM server and right click on the SQL Tables and “Perform a Consistency Check” it will take about a minute then gives you the “OK” State.


DPM: Unable to Configure Protection on SQL 2012 Database



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